ACG Decision List

Accreditation Co-ordination Group Decision List


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Approved Products

SSC Product Title


Assessment Strategy

Core Skills

There are no approved products to report this week

Qualification Accreditation

Awarding Body Qualification Title Code Accredited to


There are no accredited awards to report this week.


There are no re-accredited awards to report this week.


There are no extended/amended awards to report this week.


  SVQ in Court Operations at SCQF level 5 GH0W 22 30/09/2020
  SVQ in Court Operations at SCQF level 6 GH0X 23 30/09/2020
  SVQ in Court and Prosecution Administration at SCQF level 5 GH0Y 22 30/09/2020
  SVQ in Emergency Fire Services: Control Operations at SCQF level 7 GH74 23 30/09/2020
  Certificate in Protecting the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing  GG75 04 30/09/2019
  SVQ Food and Drink Operations (Livestock Market Droving Skills) at SCQF level 5 GG69 22 30/09/2019


There are no amended awards to report this week


There are no withdrawn awards to report this week

SCQF Credit Rating

Developing Body Qualification Title
There are no SCQF Credit Ratings to report this week.

Modern Apprenticeship

Title SCQF Level SCQF Credit Min
There are no Modern Apprenticeships to report this week.

New Approved Awarding Bodies

Awarding Body Date Approved
There are no new approved awarding bodies to report this week

Deferred decisions

There are no deferred decisions to report this week