Archived Research and Consultations

A summary of research activity and reports which predate the current operational plan are available in this section.

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Consultation on the Review of SQA Accreditation's Regulatory Principles (2013-14)

During 2013–14, we carried out a consultation with stakeholders to gather feedback on a revised set of Regulatory Principles. The consultation process included a focus group attended by a selection of SQA Accreditation’s approved awarding bodies.

The formal consultation closed on 8 January 2014 and a report presenting the findings was published in March 2014. Regulatory Principles Consultation Report March 2014

These findings informed Regulatory Principles (2014), which went live on 1 April 2014.

Consultation on the use and value of NOS to Scottish stakeholders (2013-14)

In early 2013, a UK-wide NOS Governance Group was set up to review the role and value of NOS in national qualification systems.

As a member of the NOS Governance Group, SQA Accreditation was asked to consult with Scottish stakeholders on the use and value of National Occupational Standards. The focus of this consultation was on employers and training providers in Scotland.

A summary report on the findings from the consultation was published in June 2013. Consultation on the use and value of NOS to Scottish stakeholders June 2013

Stakeholder Surveys

We are dedicated to continuously improving our levels of service, and ensuring that stakeholders get the opportunity to share their opinions and influence the direction of any changes being made. We conduct a stakeholder survey every three years.

All always, thank you to participants for responding to these surveys.

Consultation on Accredited Qualification Criteria (formerly the SVQ Criteria) (2011–12)

The SVQ Criteria was reviewed in order to address feedback gathered from focus groups at the awarding body/SSC event in February 2011. The revisions took consideration of:

  • criteria for all accredited qualifications
  • less ambiguous use of language
  • reduced duplication of effort

Subsequently the revised criteria went out to consultation and the finalised Criteria for Accredited Qualifications were introduced for use from 2 April 2012.

Assessment Strategy Research Project (2008)

In 2005, the National Occupational Standards Board appointed an external consultancy firm to undertake a research project entitled Review of NVQ and SVQ Assessment Strategies. The review identified that there was a concern among stakeholders in relation to the occupational competence requirements of assessors and verifiers within some assessment strategies.

Due to this, follow-up work was commissioned in 2007 to determine whether this concern related directly to assessment strategies and how these may be amended to ensure that they do not act as barriers to recruitment.

Mackinnon Partnership was commissioned to carry out this work, which was completed in December 2007. Assessment Strategy Research 2008

Other Research

Trend Analysis: Energy Sector (May 2015)

SQA's Accreditation Committee tasked us with undertaking sector trend analysis using Skills Development Scotland's (SDS) Skills Investment Plans and SQA Accreditaiton uptake data.

"Energy Skills Investment Plan: Where are we now?" presents an analysis of Scotland's Energy sector and SQA Accreditation's qualification provision.



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