Regulatory Requirements

The regulatory requirements consist of:

The Accreditation Licence, Regulatory Principles and Directives are intended for use by:

What is the Accreditation Licence?

The Accreditation Licence is an agreement between SQA Accreditation and the approved awarding body. The purpose of the licence is to detail the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

What are the Regulatory Principles?

Our Regulatory Principles have been designed to encompass the five key principles of better regulation to ensure that we are transparent, accountable, proportionate, consistent and targeted in carrying out our regulatory duties.

The Regulatory Principles define the standard which awarding bodies must meet in order to be compliant. Awarding bodies must decide what evidence they want to provide in order to demonstrate how they meet these principles. The Regulatory Principles document includes supplementary information exemplifying how you might choose to meet the principles.

What are the Regulatory Directives?

The Regulatory Directives have been developed to define the mandatory requirements which awarding bodies must meet in order to be compliant.