Approval Process for SCQF Credit Rating

You need to provide certain documents and evidence of your credit rating exercise when you submit a request for approval.

Preparing your submission

Please follow this checklist when preparing your evidence for SCQF credit rating of qualifications.

You must submit your evidence to

A final report which should include the following:
Summary of the project and the process  
Names and roles of the participants, indicating how they are qualified for this work, eg working as an assessor, external verifier or industry expert  
Profile of the average candidate expected to undertake the qualification  
Methodology used to allocate SCQF level and SCQF credit to units, including the form of peer review and standardisation activity  
How you arrived at the overall SCQF level and the overall SCQF credit  
Complete listing of the units and the SCQF level and credit allocated on the Excel spreadsheet provided (if combinations of units result in different credit total, you should indicate the minimum and the maximum credit which could be achieved for the overall qualification)  
Any issues identified during the process and how these were addressed  
Any imported units should show the credit and level approved for the originating organisation, or indicate that no credit or level is approved (NB imported units may only be credit rated by the originating organisation)  
A Credit Rating Form for each unit, Part 1 recommending the SCQF level and Part 2 the SCQF credit points  

The approval process

An Accreditation Manager will review your submission before presenting it to Accreditation Co-ordination Group (ACG).  We aim to take submissions to ACG within 20 working days. This may take longer if we require further information from your organisation.

Once ACG approves a credit rating submission from your organisation, it is the responsibility of your organisation to pass on the approved documents to relevant stakeholders.

The diagram below illustrates the process: