Accredited Qualifications 2018-19

At the end of 2018-19, SQA Accreditation had a total of 854 accredited qualifications. This is made up of the following qualification types:

SVQs are offered by 17 approved awarding bodies, and account for 63.6% of all accredited qualifications.

Regulatory and Licensing qualifications are offered by 8 approved awarding bodies, and account for 3.6% of all currently accredited qualifications.

‘Other’ accredited qualifications are currently offered by 30 approved awarding bodies and account for 32.8% of all accredited qualifications.

View our most recent Qualifications Listing Report for a list of currently accredited qualifications. 


Market Performance

Accredited qualifications continued to perform well in 2018-19. The table below summarises registration and certification data for each qualification type, with a comparison to the last financial year (2017-18).

Qualification Type


± (%)


± (%)
SVQs 44,811 +2 33,763 +1
Regulatory & Licensing 21,488 -5 21,542 +6
'Other' 61,361 +22 48,845 +44

For more detailed information on the performance of accreditated qualifications, see our Quarterly and Annual Statistics Reports.