Accredited Qualifications 2017-18

At the end of 2017-18, SQA Accreditation had a total of 827 accredited qualifications. This is made up of the following qualification types:

SVQs are offered by 16 approved awarding bodies, and account for 63.5% of all accredited qualifications.

Regulatory and Licensing qualifications are offered by 8 approved awarding bodies, and account for 4% of all currently accredited qualifications.

‘Other’ accredited qualifications are currently offered by 30  approved awarding bodies and account for 32.4% of all accredited qualifications.

View our most recent Qualifications Listing Report for a list of currently accredited qualifications. 

Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks

At the end of 2017–18, 280 SVQs were present in Modern Apprenticeships. 

While SVQs remain as the Scottish Government’s qualification of choice for inclusion in Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks, ‘Other’ accredited qualifications may be approved for inclusion. At the end of 2017–18, 97 ‘Other’ qualifications were included in Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks.

Market Performance

Accredited qualifications continued to perform well in 2017-18. The table below summarises registration and certification data for each qualification type, with a comparison to the last financial year (2016-17).

Qualification Type


± (%)


± (%)
SVQs 43,838 -2 33,414 -5
Regulatory & Licensing 22,687 -26 20,408 -30
'Other' 50,313 +32 33,874 +38

In October 2017, First Aid at Work at SCQF Level 6 and Emergency First Aid at Work at SCQF Level 6 were reviewed and subsequently re-categorised from Regulatory to 'Other'. This change in categorisation accounts for the significant changes in uptake observed in registration and certification data.

For quarterly updates on the performance of accreditated qualifications, see our Quarterly Statistics Reports.

Number of registrations

Qualification Type




SVQs 46,620 44,538 43,838
Regulatory & Licensing 30,792 30,462 22,687
'Other' 39,260 37,975 50,313

Number of certifications

Qualification Type




SVQs 33,856 35,220 33,414
Regulatory & Licensing 29,211 29,119 20,408
'Other' 23,492 24,543 33,874