Quarterly and Annual Statistics Reports

We publish a report each quarter on the performance of all of our accredited qualifications. The report is broken down by qualification type, awarding body, qualification developer and area of competence.

Our approved awarding bodies are required to provide us with information relating to their accredited qualifications every quarter which we use to inform our statistics reports.

At the end of every financial year, an annual summary is also published.

You can download the Quarterly and Annual Statistics Reports along with the accompanying raw data files below.

Updated 24th May 2019

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Quarterly Statistics Report

Each Quarterly Statistics Report is produced using information provided by the respective awarding bodies themselves.

Statistics reports and raw data for each quarter can be found below.









Annual Uptake Report

Annual Uptake Reports provide information on the total number of candidate registrations and certifications by qualification. Uptake data is supplied by Awarding Bodies on a quarterly basis, and combined into an Annual Report at the each of each financial year.

Updated 16th May 2019

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