Quality Enhancement Rating

What is Quality Enhancement Rating?

Quality Enhancement Rating (QER) is our assessment of the risk level of an awarding body.

This can be based on information from the following:

How do we define the level of risk?

We assign a risk rating to each Issue recorded according to the definitions on the risk level descriptors table. A weighting is applied that depends on the risk identified and the possible impact on qualifications and/or the learner; considering failure to review and address that issue.

The assignment of a risk rating allows an awarding body to assign their resources to areas which have been identified as having a major impact on the qualifications and/or the learner. The risk rating also allows us to assign resources to support awarding bodies in improving their performance.

Risk level descriptors table

In assigning a risk rating, each issue is considered on its own merit, taking account of the context in which it was identified.

The total number of individual risks total up, to provide an overall risk for each awarding body. 

How do we use the QER?

As a risk-based regulator, we focus our resources on areas which may have the greatest potential impact on the learner, employers, parents, funding bodies and government.

Our QER process informs our risk assessment of each awarding body and is used to consider the level and frequency of audit activity. This includes how we identify and respond to the different types of risk. We use the QER to identify any potential non-compliance with the Accreditation Licence, Regulatory Principles and Regulatory Directives and plan our activities appropriately.

Our risk analysis of each awarding body is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis, allowing us to take account of emerging trends and maintain a proportionate response.