We encourage continuous improvement with a vision that awarding bodies are not only compliant with the regulatory requirements but also that they are continuing to improve the way they in which they develop, design and deliver qualifications to help contribute to the Scottish economy.

As a result we require awarding bodies to demonstrate that they have systems in place which facilitate continual improvement and show evidence of regular ongoing review and evaluation of its key business activities. The findings from this regular ongoing review must result in an annual self-assessment. 

In order to assist awarding bodies, we have written Demonstrating Continual Review: Guidance to Awarding Bodies on Self-assessment to make our requirements clear and transparent and to assist with your self-assessment submission.

To assist awarding bodies with the completion of their self-assessment, SQA Accreditation has produced exemplars. These exemplars show a choice of approaches to self-assessment and is by no means the prescriptive format or style that needs to be followed.

Exemplar One – Using Excel

Exemplar Two - Using Word

Exemplar Two – Guidance Notes